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Property Management is a core element of our business.

Yet talk about Property Management, and most owners think they can do it themselves. "Collecting rent, doing repairs. Isn't that all there is?", they say. We wish it was that easy!

More than acting as an intermediary, MultiView maintains a very high level of contact. This frequency allows us to anticipate issues months in advance, all of which leads to a property performing at its peak. Factor in;


Tenant and leasing issues

Statutory, legal and tax requirements

Valuations and financial modelling

OHS, compliance and risk minimisation

Budgets, outgoings and capital expenditure control

Maintenance, engineering and operational management

Arrears and records management

It's not hard to see there is more to Property Management than rent and repairs. While we specialise in Commercial Management the above applies to Residential properties as well which we also manage. 

Most Owners don't realise the management fee is usually recoverable from the tenant. Ask MultiView how and see us get the results you deserve.



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